Package manger for Lichee Pi Nano?

I finally managed to get the wifi working on lichee Pi nano, which was quite a pain, now i realize there is apparently no package manager… i tried apt-get, opkg, nothing is recognized. So, is there any package manager at all? and if not which one should be used and how most important how should it be installed on the stock “wifi” image?

Hi, nano have limit memory and not design for dynamic install packages, but for static low cost product.
While there have someone port openwrt on it, you can use openwrt to install package.

right, no package manager.
Also the wifi image doesnt give wifi at all, i had to spend quite a few hours to get any connectivity, other than setting up wpa_supplicant.conf more actions had to be taken in order to get access to the net, here is the script i made:
It works but lead to a kernel panic if the board is rebooted, to work again the board has to be power-cycled (@Zepan please let us know how to reset the wifi extension in the script, or how to make this script work without kernel panic after the board is rebooted without power cycle).

Regarding the open-wrt image that can be found here :镜像&parentPath=%2Fsharelink3658413294-628283680456500
unfortunately once uncompressed it is over 25MO and thus it is impossible to load it into the flash of lichee pi nano which is 16MO… It is unclear why this image is so large, i built openwrt for other platforms (i.e. MT7628) and even with many addons such as python, java etc the resulting image is under 10MO.

As Tf Wifi didn’t pin out reset, if you make soft-reset, wifi module didn’t reset and excute init operations again, it case kernel error and panic.
So you need power-off and reboot.

So, to be sure i understand well, there is no hardware reset (right), and it is not possible to do at least a software reset?

can somebody repost the link that had the image it has been deleted