MaixHub Machine ID Generate Step(MAIXHUB机器码生成步骤)

When you reach download page of MaixHub, It requires Machine ID:

You need download the ID generator firmware below: (41.1 KB)

Then submit your machine ID to the text box. It takes less than 1 min to generate secured module and firmware, please be patient.

Warning : consider for encryption, key_gen.bin will close JTAG port FOREVER, and write one-off AES KEY, please accept it and then burn it

Then, reboot the board, you will see the Machine ID output from serial.
Now copy and input code to the page, click download, and you will soon get your firmware download.
(We also will send firmware to your account’s email address in the future)

Note: Must upgrade to newest maixpy to use its model:

Hello ! How to run this .bin file in which program?


just flash it to board, and you will get machine ID

this id is generated from sipeed maix py or windows

can you explain me by pictures

I already use command"kflash -b 2000000 -B goE key_gen_v1.2.bin" in CMD on my maix go board .
But i dont know where to get machine ID.

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Use the PuTTY ,connect to COM ,and restart the board,you will get key

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Hey ,Im really new into this world and we (me and a friend) buy the MaixGo. We tried to use the Key code that u provide but when we burn it into the Maix and the reboot it, the Maix just aprently die. We can’t see the code in the screen , the screen now is black and we can’t upload others codes to work on it. Can u guy please help ?

you need get machine code in serial port

hi dear, am know sometime is Chinesse
you can see the code for serial port 4 or 5 (4 for me)
you can see serial port with Arduino IDE
with PuTTY (only see tutorial in internet)
wit XCOM V2.0 (just going to see in google… please do something…)
you can see for Terminal (search in google how connect to Serial port…)

I think that is the way for enter to this word… you need the skill to find and learn by YouSelf

I think this comment is a great help for you
(I speak Spanish, my English isn’t perfect)


am really tired do many test all times
I appreciate if you can give more specifications about:

" < Note: Must upgrade to newest maixpy to use its model: > "

because, if I upgrade to newest version (maixpy_v0.5.0_16_g31b0ca4_with_lvgl.bin), this will remplace the (7535b5f09cd55885c204904246993ed3_1132.kfpkg),and is imposible run scripts (sipeed/ ~ /

I would like know how flash two file ‘model…kfpkg’ and ‘formware…bin’
result: all perfectly :smiley:

and enjoy to use all library in " "

And more!!!

Thank you if someone give a GOOD and complete answer for this case

Hola @fosyan , también hablo español y sé que debo practicar más con esto pero tuve miedo de haber dañado el micro porque realmente no entendía lo que pasaba. Soy bastante nuevo en este mundo y mi proyecto de grado lo estoy basando en este microcontrolador (debido a su capacidad con la CNN, de las cuales estoy aprendiendo ), por lo cual cuando vi que no me funcionaba luego de ya haber testeado todo pues me llevé una alarma. Muchas gracias por el proceso que me mostraste , voy a realizarlo.

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Spanish version original
Hola, fantastico que puedas hacer estas cosas, te felicito que estas aprendiendo a trabajar con CNN, es una de las cosas que debo aprender tambien

Bueno sipeed en realidad nose como es el soporte y contacto con los clientes, esperemos tener tutoriales mejor detallados, yo estoy topando en que dice que podemos cargar el modelos de reconocimiento facial, y tambien dice que recomienda actualizar al ultimo firmware, … cuando hago eso no me funciona… encontre algo en y luego aqui
hice la prueba de cambiar el nombre del firmware ’ .bin’ dentro del archivo Jason, (poniendo el nombre del ultimo firmware actualizado, luego comprimir a zip, cambie conbre prefijo a kfpkg lo intente arga en la kflash_gui, pero quedo detenido en medio de la operacion diciendo "no encuentra ficgero jason_list en la ubicacion c/user/q2q/data/~/tem/9376492364/jason_list … algo similar… y aqui estoy anclado en este momento sin poder avanzar
lo que deseo es poder colocar los modelos y un firmware actualizado en el mismo kfpkg si alguien puede ayudarme exelente
como es eso de designar un numero de posicion en la memoria para instalar los ficheros dentro del kfpkg ?

English translate with BING.translate…
Hello, fantastic that you can do these things, I congratulate you that you are learning to work with CNN, it is one of the things that I must learn also

Well sipeed i really nose as is the support and contact with customers, hopefully have better detailed tutorials, I am bumping into that it says that we can load the facial recognition models, and also says that it recommends updating to the latest firmware, … when I do that doesn’t work for me… I found something in and then here
I did the test to rename the firmware ‘.bin’ within the Jason file, (putting the name of the last updated firmware, then compress to zip, change with prefix to kfpkg try arga in the kflash_gui, but I am stopped in the middle of the operation saying "cannot find ficgero jason_list in the location c/user/q2q/data//tem/9376492364/jason_list … something similar… and here I’m anchored right now without being able to move forward
what I wish is to be able to place the models and an updated firmware in the same kfpkg if someone can help me excellently
how is that to designate a position number in memory to install the files within the kfpkg ?

Hi @Zepan Returning to work after so long due to certain difficulties. I am trying to get the key but when I look at the serial port nothing appears to me, is it because it was only once that you could see it? Is there a way to get it?
I hope u can help me :slight_smile:

Hi Zepan…
i have Question about this code:
task = kpu.load(file_path)

file-Path = /sd/xxx.kmodel, what is the ‘sd’ in this address?
and how can I convert tensorflow model to kmodel ?

please help me Zepan.