Lichee Pi Nano - GT911 pinout

I am porting the Goodix GT911 driver for barebone use of F1C100S and i need the pinout. The only shcematic i found is for the Lichee Pi Nano module
Apparently there is no schematic for the base board.
Also on the module schematic the pin TP_INT only appears on the NS2009 but not on the F1C100S (?).
So please let us know the pinout of G911, in particular which F1C100S pin correspond to GT911 INT and RESET, i assume the I2C pins are the same as for NS2009. Also please provide the schematic link for baseboard .
Thank you.

Hi, I just upload sch to

it is optional connected, as f1c100s have limited pins.
also, in ns2009, we use poll method instead of int, you can refer to lichee zero’s ns2009 dts & driver

@Zepan Thank you