Uboot VGA Output / simpleFB

Hey there,
I’m having a hard time to get video out of my V3s. Right now I don’t even get a /dev/fb. The Sunxi mainlining effort page states that no SimpleFB exists for the V3s. Can someone please help me to get a working Framebuffer?

Hey there,
I got the framebuffer working. If anyone is interested I will write a tutorial to compile u-boot with framebuffer support.

Yes, please.
I’m interested in it. Would be happy to try connect connect it to VGA.

I wrote a quick tutorial on Github. My VGA Output is working, but it is on for a second and then goes out and then on again, but I think it is due to my crappy setup.(long wires, no decoupling on the octal buffer and not the same logic family as on the Olinuxino A13) I don’t get any error messages from the kernel so I think it is more of a hardware issue.
The devicetree files are available on Github too.