V3S for mass production - any risks with EOL

Hello guys,

I am thinking to choose V3S chip for IoT project which has the opportunity to come to mass production next year. I am wondering whether this chip is not close to its end of life term to avoid risks in architecture design

wondering this myself. I suppose you could do a lifetime buy if that were the case?

If this chip EOL is this year or is going to be next year there is no meaning to put it in design for mass prodcution purpose.

Does anyone know any distributor channels who have experience with V3s and can clarify EOL issue?

This is an important topic for me too. Related question - how new is this chip? It’s not really answering the question, but might give a sense of how long it could be available from now.

Heard about new platform from Allwinner - it’s called S3. https://www.cnx-software.com/2018/03/30/allwinner-s3-camera-soc-includes-128mb-ram-an-i2s-audio-interface/ Seems S3 platform is very familiar to V3S but has more memory inside and BGA package. Has anyone had any experience with such platform and knows the price?

what I understand, V3S is EOL and S3 is new replacement. Maybe, someone has any other information…