Void Linux on Lichee Pi Zero

Well, alpine is weird, gentoo is big and openwrt is weirder.

So for now I am building void linux. The image is 2 gigabytes. Very basic image, spawns a getty on ttyS0

Username is root and password is voidlinux. The wifi stuff is in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf, add as many "network"s as you want, and that is my real wifi password. If you come to my house you can use it. Also nuke the ssh host keys if you want to use ssh.

For now the kernel is stock and only 1 i2c bus works, spi is non existent and ttyS0 works. Hopefully this will get better.

Chrony is included and configured so you can set the time right before using xbps-install as that uses ssl.

This is based on the cubieboard2 rootfs



sha256sum voidlinux-alpha0.img.gz
e8d6d95485e2c56aa1ce517eccdfaeda567d4067b5633fd9e60761666f7680e7 voidlinux-alpha0.img.gz
md5sum voidlinux-alpha0.img.gz
c72b73d7a0c109579499edbb2468bc99 voidlinux-alpha0.img.gz

Hi, here is the way to get spidev:

This is now obsolete. Can someone give me edit rights on this post?

Hello, Can any body point to kenel version and dts with working SPI?
I tried mainline - nothing is happening with a spi0 not device pops in a /dev.