Zepan update on taobao

@zepan looks like you are posting updates on taobao,
will you be shipping the outstanding docs and pi zeros people have paid for but haven’t received?

2017.12.05 update: New Zero has been added! A new batch of Zero should be friends, upgrade to the core board, backplane integrated design, all peripherals have led to the corresponding interface, no longer have the core interface board as before, then take the headset port, headset what ~

At the same time the new Zero can also part along the original half-hole, restored to the original core board style.

There are dozens of previous pieces of the previous batch of zero zero defective, half-price processing, the components intact, most of the crystal is bad, the blow can be activated by a hot air gun, confident to repair can go ~

@zepan can we buy boards from outside China?