Zepan, what is happening?

tracking numbers that are “not found”?
no communication at all?
zepan are you still alive?

by the way, any chinese speakers around here? if yes, why don’t you contact zepan here

QQ: 715805855

or here

Name: Wu Caize
Organization: Shen Zhen Shi Ji Chuang Meng Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si
Street: Nan Shan Qu Xi Li Jie Dao Shi Gu Lu 4003Hao
City: Shen Zhen Shi
State: Guang Dong
Postal Code: 518000
Country: CN
Phone: +86.75526005196
Fax: +86.75526005196
Email: zepanwucai@gmail.com

or even taobao it seems, i don’t speak or read any chinese variants, but that looks like zepan to me

Alright, no response for a month and a half, but he keeps logging in so that rules out him getting hit by a bus or something. Zepan is burning up any goodwill and hope I had left, is this project pretty much dead now?

Dead as a dodo… :confused:

I’ve also had no success, backed a lychee pi zero with screen - got a non working tracking number and then silence